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SOTI MobiControl
Enterprise mobility management solution
With the growing use of mobile devices, the protection and clear delimitation between personal and professional data is vital. It is necessary to have an inventory of physical assets and manage applications and contents, as well as maintenance of devices and data.
SOTI EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) provides proven enterprise mobility management solutions that ensure the management of iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows devices throughout their lifetime, from deployment to disposal .


SOTI's MobiControl is a mobility management solution that simplifies the security, management and protection of devices, applications and contents, through analysis and problem detection remotely, allowing a quick response, reducing stoppages and travel or repair costs.
Delimits personal and professional data, ensuring  integrity and confidentiality
Global and real-time view of devices, auditing, evidence and correction of actions 
Inventory management and verification of authorized devices/applications
Issuing reports that prove the company is GDPR compliant
The integration of SOTI MobiControl  improves operational efficiency, support and control of mobile devices in the field, through the rapid analysis of dynamic graphics.
With this solution, it is simple to quickly configure and deploy devices, synchronize data, remotely eliminate lost or stolen devices, restrict access to users and applications, all with encryption, which minimizes the risk of devices being compromised.
soti mobicontroL is essential to ensure the security and monitoring of mobile devices and applications. 
Download here the White Paper on how MobiControl manages complete mobility.
Technology and mobility are essential for companies. Discover the smart features of MobiControl.
MobiControl is the choice of numerous renowned companies in various sectors for mobility management
Get to know the Practical Case of the prestigious Hotels Península and find out how they managed not only to streamline their processes, but also to improve customer service and distinguish themselves from competitors.
​Don't come last to the future of enterprise mobility
Discover the new trends and challenges of mobility and find out how the SOTI ONE Platform can help you ensure the continuity of your business e of your mobile devices.

Learn more about a SOTI EMM

A SOTI resolve os problemas dos dispositivos móveis remotamente, através de encriptação, evitando acessos não autorizados.
Very effective and economical solution, suitable for Portuguese companies.
SOTI, with 20 years of experience, manages more than 1500 business customers and millions of devices, in 12 languages and more than 170 countries. Among its numerous clients are:
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