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Endian Management Center
Minitel NEXT announces that the new Endian Management Center is now available, which centrally and easily manages all Endian appliances
Managing and maintaining network appliances and controlling the industrial environment is now a much simpler task. Endian presented the new Management Center which, together with the Connect Switchboard, allows the centralized management of all resources and the reduction of IT time and costs.
Endian is a leading company in the industrial sector, which focuses on the development of innovative solutions specially designed to provide an effective and adequate response to the needs of manufacturing companies. With hundreds of customers in more than 50 countries, Endian relies on the complete trust of customers such as Werfen, Caterpillar and Liebherr, to protect their sensitive data and network.
The Endian Management Center (EMC) is the new solution dedicated to the centralized management of all Endian appliances, expanding and reinforcing the functionalities of the Endian Connect Platform, the platform that allows secure connection and communication between people, devices, things and machines.
This new EMC module was designed to allow centralized management of all Endian solutions, including the UTM, 4i and Hotspot ranges and to extend the network's management capacity to all business environments, with special emphasis on the industry.
This launch is the solution that everyone wanted, because it perfectly combines all Endian products, is transversal and enriches the existing solutions.
To use the Endian Management Center (EMC), simply create a template of configurations that best adapt to the company or factory (Golden Gateway), which you can assign and replicate, with a simple 'copy & paste', to any device, thanks to Device Profile function. After the initial setup, you can view the complete profile history and review all changes that have been made to the device. With the Rollback function, you can also go back to the last configuration that was in operation.
This solution communicates with Endian appliances exclusively through encrypted channels and also has the functionality of secure failover, ensuring the security of data and systems.
With EMC you can connect any device via a secure VPN connection and view the network on a dashboard with live maps , which show all remote locations where devices and users are currently located. Store, monitor and analyze all data and infrastructure components, create customized dashboards and use them as a basis for predictive maintenance and remote support and services.
It is also possible to connect with the Plug & Connect functionality, which is all-inclusive and allows automatic connection of devices for quick configuration.
Who is the Endian Management Center for?
EMC is mainly aimed at medium and large companies, with production centers relocated and many devices to control. But, at the same time, it responds to other types of customers, who need to manage a wide network, such as the integrating partners that are increasingly adopting the MSP model - Managed Service Provider.
The Endian Management Center (EMC) is the product that puts them in the ideal conditions to complete this evolution.
It brings numerous benefits, such as the reduction of time and effort spent on network management by the administrator and the possibility of saving precious resources for all the staff (even those who are involved in production in the case of the industry). EMC, was developed to be secure from conception, communicating only with Endian's remote appliance through protected and encrypted channels and including, among others, secure failover.

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