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Mindset based on culture, identity and innovation

At Minitel NEXT, we strive to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs and challenges of our partners and their business customers, with innovative technologies and our in-depth knowledge of the market and the solutions we distribute.

Culture, identity and innovation are the values that define and guide us and the reason why we increasingly deserve the trust of our partners, which we intend to continue to support through lasting and secure agreements.


We have a very versatile and qualified team, a culture focused on helping partners, resellers and service providers to grow by providing integrated technological solutions and services that help them to provide a better service to their business customers.


The solutions we represent and the services we provide are directly linked to our identity, which is a national identity and, therefore, we always seek the smart solutions most appropriate to the needs of Portuguese companies and the market, which correspond to the expectations of our partners and that the market can actually pay.


We constantly innovate in our solutions and approach, offering our partners the best possible solutions, most competitive, most flexible and best suited to their specific needs and each market segment, ensuring that we are able to respond, assertively, to the challenges we face. may arise.

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