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Infortrend announced that the range of EonStor DS and GS storage solutions have reached the Veeam Ready Repository level, as they have already exceeded the required performance requirements, ensuring companies with even more flexible and effective backup and storage solutions.
Managing and maintaining network appliances and controlling the industrial environment is now a much simpler task. Endian presented the new Management Center which, together with the Connect Switchboard, allows the centralized management of all resources and the reduction of IT time and costs.
The great challenge of ensuring the protection of personal data is people.
In essence, GDPR obliges to protect the personal data of citizens of the European Union and to collect adequate, relevant and limited data for the purpose of the collection.
In the current scenario of massive increase in cyber attacks, more sophisticated, with potentially more devastating threats and very difficult to detect, more intelligent security is required, applied in real time and a deeper analysis of networks, data and usage. João Arriaga, commercial director at Minitel, explains how analytical tools can deal with these threats.
All companies will be affected by the changes that the GDPR will bring as of May 2018. In the clarification sessions it has been holding, Minitel has sought to define an action plan for SMEs, industry, education and enterprise.
GDPR, cybersecurity and industry 4.0 will boost companies' investments in 2018. Ana Oliveira, marketing director at Minitel, explains how the distributor's solutions allow responding to great opportunities in the Enterprise, Industry and SME area
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