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MINITEL NEXT: Complete service for partners


Minitel NEXT's specialized technical team provides consulting and installation services for most products in the portfolio. She is highly qualified and, even more importantly, has experience and knows the details that make the difference. Whether in the installation, configuration or management of the chosen solution, at Minitel NEXT we offer complete support for the entire range of products we sell, for greater speed and ease in solving problems.

Available for most hardware solutions out of the box. We set it up before we deliver.

Service of

Training to help integrate Minitel solutions into their own environments.


Technology is constantly changing and Minitel NEXT recognizes the challenges of partners and their customers. For this reason, we offer an extensive range of consultancy services to assist you in implementing the technologies, ensuring that they are optimized, working smoothly and that the configurations meet the environment in question.

To ensure that complex implementations meet customer expectations (on-site planning to adapt hardware and software configurations to exact customer needs).

Pre-sales consultancy

We provide technicians to go to the facilities, to identify and solve specific problems (maintenance contracts / hourly)

On-site technical support

That ensures that products are working properly and that the settings are appropriate for the required environments.

Manufacturer-specific advice

GDPR SERVICE - Technical-Legal Evaluation

The GDPR Service - Legal Technical Assessment is a tool developed by Minitel NEXT, in partnership with Dumont dos Santos, which consists of the elaboration of an analysis report of compliance and preparation of the company for the General Data Protection Regulation.

What does the Analysis Report consist of?

It consists of a set of assessments that make it possible to understand the needs of the company, as well as its current and projected level of preparation. In this report, a diligent study of the current situation of the company in the Technological, Legal and Procedural aspects is carried out, creating an instrument that will allow the company to prove to partners, regulators and any other actors that it has initiated a responsible process to understand its situation and carry out the necessary corrections.

This report may or may not be communicated to CNPD, so that the instrument can clarify the organism regarding the company's compliance with the GDPR, as well as a demonstration of the actions taken by the company, proving the competence in preparing it .

What is the added value of this service?

The advantage of this tool being produced by Minitel NEXT, in partnership with Dumont dos Santos, is that it is prepared by competent bodies and external to the company, in this case, by a value-added distributor with more than 30 years of history and extensive experience in information technology and by a legal intervener with over ten years of experience, bound by the secrecy of justice.

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