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Minitel NEXT is a Value Added distributor different from all other distributors in Portugal.

We distinguish ourselves because we are a company that is totally focused on the Portuguese market, using know-how of over 30 years to solve the technological problems of Portuguese companies, with a wide range of innovative and intelligent solutions and services suited to the needs of the Marketplace.


Mindset based on culture, identity and innovation

At Minitel NEXT, we strive to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs and challenges of our partners and their business customers, with innovative technologies and our in-depth knowledge of the market and the solutions we distribute.

Culture, identity and innovation are the values that define and guide us and the reason why we increasingly deserve the trust of our partners, which we intend to continue to support through lasting and secure agreements.


We have a very versatile and qualified team, a culture focused on helping partners, resellers and service providers to grow by providing integrated technological solutions and services that help them to provide a better service to their business customers.


The solutions we represent and the services we provide are directly linked to our identity, which is a national identity and, therefore, we always seek the smart solutions most appropriate to the needs of Portuguese companies and the market, which correspond to the expectations of our partners and that the market can actually pay.


We constantly innovate in our solutions and approach, offering our partners the best possible solutions, most competitive, most flexible and best suited to their specific needs and each market segment, ensuring that we are able to respond, assertively, to the challenges we face. may arise.

Apoio ao Parceiro


What distinguishes us is our culture, completely focused on the partner. We go to the line for our partners.

João George,

Strategy Director at Minitel NEXT

We believe that the choice of solutions adapted to the specific needs of the national market depends on working together and, therefore, our support to partners goes far beyond the solutions we distribute.

We have a multidisciplinary, dedicated and qualified team, with communication adapted to the Portuguese market, which helps you to select and use the most suitable tools for you.


Tailor-made and turnkey marketing

Solution guides, creation of tailor-made campaigns, adapting the context to our reality, email templates, social media communication, video production.


A qualified team to support you

Reactive and available, with the freedom to act quickly, our salespeople and specialized technicians help to choose the solution that best adapts to the needs of customers and in the implementation of projects both in pre-sales and in post-sales.


Seminars, technical and commercial webinars, online demos

Participate, throughout the year, in our webinars and discover our solutions, their advantages and how they adapt to your customers, without leaving your office.


Dedicated technical support

Our internal team, consisting of certified technicians, accompanies you in the installation, maintenance and support of the solutions. Installation, configuration and integration services for turnkey solutions, choose the formula that suits you.

Consulting services

If you need personalized assistance for installation or configuration, opt for personalized assistance by a Minitel NEXT technician.


Certified technical training

Cole tive or individual, by request, for most of the solutions we distribute.


MINITEL NEXT: Complete service for partners


Minitel NEXT's specialized technical team provides consulting and installation services for most products in the portfolio. She is highly qualified and, even more importantly, has experience and knows the details that make the difference. Whether in the installation, configuration or management of the chosen solution, at Minitel NEXT we offer complete support for the entire range of products we sell, for greater speed and ease in solving problems.

Available for most hardware solutions out of the box. We set it up before we deliver.

Service of

Training to help integrate Minitel solutions into their own environments.


Technology is constantly changing and Minitel NEXT recognizes the challenges of partners and their customers. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of consultancy services to assist you in implementing the technologies, ensuring that solutions are optimized and working smoothly and that the configurations reflect the environment in question.

Pre-sales consultancy

To ensure that complex implementations meet customer expectations (on-site planning to adapt hardware and software configurations to the exact needs of the customer).

On-site technical support

We provide technicians to go to the facilities, to identify and solve specific problems, with maintenance contracts or “by the hour”.

Manufacturer-specific advice

That ensures that the products are working correctly and the settings are appropriate for the required environments.


Service Table

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Talk to us, clarify all your questions and discover all the advantages of our services.
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