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Advanced Threat Management
The most sensitive environments, such as state security, defense, services, intelligence agencies and law enforcement, need to deeply investigate malware and understand how it behaves in systems, to determine the impact and risk to the organization and to be able to respond quickly and with accuracy.
ThreatTrack performs behavioral traffic analysis, detects zero-day attacks and advanced malicious code. Through traffic analysis, with a real-time view, it discovers malicious content and suspicious movements, isolates and protects the entry of vulnerabilities.
behavioral detection
End-to-End Visibility
Real time analytics
Cyber Attacks
Advanced Malware
Advanced, powerful and intuitive solution
Threat detection and real-time visibility
Effective investigation with control of user activity
Automated malware analysis
Detects and responds to sophisticated malware and targeted attacks with automatic multi-user analysis sandbox. View malware samples on endpoint devices and networks.
Detects attacks in progress and discovers the malicious intent, correlates anomalous network activity and discover  threats with advanced analytics,  in real time

Behavior analysis to stop Zero-Day attacks, with dunique detection of inside attack progression.

Prevention through blocking attacks and remediation.

Continuous insertion of threat intelligence data: blacklists, whitelists, sandbox, reports, samples of malicious files.

Lightweight endpoint protection, compatible with PC, Mac iOS  and mobile devices, with patch management already integrated.

ThreatTrack answers critical compliance questions 

What could have happened and how would it affect me?
Answered by ThreatAnalyzer and ThreatIQ
What happened? As? What else do I need to know?
Answered by ThreatSecure Network and ThreatSecure Email
Where did it happen?
Answered by Vipre

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ThreatTrack enables advanced security against sophisticated and targeted malware using heuristic analysis, full visibility and real-time analysis.
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