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Enterprise Storage
High performance and reliability solutions
Infortrend, a leader in the development of high-performance enterprise storage solutions, helps renowned companies of all sizes around the world with large-scale big data applications, responding to the growing needs of cloud computing and virtualization infrastructures.
They combine hardware and software, support a wide range of interfaces and capabilities, and include storage technologies that are leading the way in this area. 
Easy to use, they accelerate and automate storage and backup management.
High performance and reliability  
Excellent quality/price ratio 

Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

Infortrends EonStor DS e GS

EonStor DS

Enterprise SAN

Hybrid enterprise SAN storage with excellent value for money.
High availability solution with redundant model, high bandwidth and transfer rate, ideal for media and entertainment.

Find out more about the DS range of solutions.

EonStor GS

Enterprise Unified

Solution that integrates NAS, SAN and Cloud in a single storage system.
Range of complete solutions entry and mid level,  with high availability and redundant model.
Up to 9PB with 900 drives.

Find out more about the GS range of solutions.

EonStor GSThe

All Flash Array

Storage solutions designed to optimize storage on SSDs, with excellent cost/performance efficiency
High acceleration for enterprise_applications such as databases

Find out more about the GSa range of solutions.

EonStor GSi

Appliances with AI

Innovative storage solutions with built-in artificial intelligence.
High performance and reliability, with computation (CPU and GPU) and networking, all in a single solution, very easy to use

Learn more about the EonStor GSi

Robust Backup and Archive Solution

The EonStor GS 1024 Gen 2 is an entry-level solution that provides enterprises,  with the latest storage technologies at an affordable price. It backs up data constantly and without fail, allows file sharing and integration with the cloud, so that IT employees manage the entire process more efficiently.
The EonStor GS 1024 Gen 2 is a solution that is scalable to more than 4PB and has a modular control design that allows for upgrade to be done with just one controller unit. It also integrates modular host boards, which allow for a variety of network connectivity options.
Backup e Replicação VeeAM - EonStor DS e GS

VeeAM Backup and Replication - EonStor DS and GS as VeeAM ready

VeeAM® Backup & Replication™ ensures the availability of all workflows - virtual, physical and cloud - from a single console, for any application, data or cloud, bringing together backup functionality and replication in a single software solution


EonStor GS/DS storage systems ensure the capacity you need for your Hypervisor VM


The backup server with Veeam software installed reads the data on the local storage system and backs it up to the remote site or storage gateway cloud.


Remote backup to another GS/DS system via backup server.
SCHAEFER GmbH, a company focused on the elevator industry, increased its productivity by 20% and reduced energy consumption by 85%
Download the Case Study here to learn more about this solution and this successful case.
CERN selected Infortrend Storage Arrays to organize historical data from the Large Hadron Collider
Download the Case Study here and learn more about this solution and about CERN's success story.
Infortrend  is the choice of renowned companies in several areas.
Discover here the success story of Mob Scene, a renowned production and media agency responsible for Hollywood projects has improved its services with these solutions.
Infortrend solutions are also the choice of many educational institutions around the world
Discover the successful case of the University of Lancaster and find out how they make the most of these storage solutions.

Learn more about Infortrend solutions

Infortrend develops and manufactures storage solutions since 1993, which guarantee performance and scalability at the level of the latest industry standards.
Contact us to learn more about these advanced solutions
Infortrend  is the choice of many renowned companies and organizations around the world, including:
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