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activity monitoring
Internal threats moreprevalent which never is very difficult to detect before it's too late. An advanced internal security solution is needed to monitor and alert possible threats, in order to prevent them and avoid data leaks.
Perimeter defenses/access controls are often  ineffective and internal collaborators can do massive harm, intentional or otherwise, to companies.
The required information is not always  easy to see. It is necessary to combine clues from different sources and analyze records of digital activity taking place.
Veriato is an innovative solution that allows motorization of activity through behavioral analysis

Identifies deviations from normal behavior and uses the information to identify potential threats

Powerful detection capabilities and complete visibility into actions, with activity logs to prove security

Provides the information needed to quickly respond to insider threats, eliminating the risk of litigation

UAB (User Behavioral Analytics) tools, advanced security analytics and predictive analytics

Complete visibility into user actions and the applications they use, with powerful detection capabilities

It focuses mainly on user behavior (User Behavior Analysis), detecting risks and internal threats quickly and reliably, through an intuitive interface and very powerful analytical capabilities.
It supervises, captures and analyzes all user activities. Efficient and effective investigations detect early, reduce risks and help implement best practices to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.
Greater security and productivity, very easy to use, even without training
Data analysis, graphics and details, web filtering, rule definition
Centralized management, ready-to-use reporting
Monitoring and report in real time, with notifications and alerts

Learn more about Veriato

Veriato is the leader in security and threat intelligence and the choice of many large companies to ensure protection against internal data breaches.
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Veriato is an intelligent solution proven, tested and implemented in more than 100 countries and 36,000 companies across numerous industries such as:
Discover one of the many practical success stories of these solutions and learn how Ashton Financial ensures that it is not caught unnoticed by an insider threat
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