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QTrends and Unitrends
Backup, continuity and disaster recovery

The threats of cybercriminals and hackers are usually seen as the most urgent and critical by most companies, who concentrate almost all of their resources to protect themselves against these threats. Although they decrease the risk of being attacked, they are never 100% safe, malware is constantly evolving.

However, if protection against these threats fails, or the systems stop working for any other reason, the only way for the factories not to stop production, suffering huge financial damage and even the loss of possible customers, is to implement a solution of adequate backup and storage, which guarantees the recovery of all information in the event of a disaster and which frequently tests the backup, ensuring continuity.
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With Qtrends and Unitrends you avoid:
Pay redemptions
Costly production stops
Data loss
The current scenario, with increasingly frequent and sophisticated ransomware attacks and GDPR implementation, tends to get even worse. It is necessary to protect and backup data such as IP addresses, emails, passwords, manufacturing secrets, customer data, financial information and others, ensuring permanent access to information.
If important documents are deleted from the network, your customer is always safeguarded if the backup works correctly.
BackuP Appliance, Continuity AND DR
Qnap NAS
UEB Unitrends Software
QTrends is a unique solution, developed by Minitel, QNAP and Unitrends, for Portugal, which simplifies backup, continuity and disaster recovery. Ready to work, without delay in installation or management, it is financially adequate, with reduced costs for manufacturing companies and ensures compliance with the GDPR.
Available in a wide variety of storage capacities, with UEB Essential, Standard, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus.
Unitrends Backup Appliance Recovery Series
Unitrends develops pre-configured physical backup appliances suitable for the industry, which instantly recover from disasters, combining UEB software, storage and server. They are very easy to manage and have cloud integration included. Ensure anti-ransomware protection and GDPR compliance. Scalable, all-in-one solution with proactive monitoring and support.
Available in 12 models, with capacities up to 180TB.
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