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SOTI MobiControl
Industrial mobility management solution
With the increasing use of mobile devices, protection and clear delimitation between personal and professional data is vital. It is necessary to have an inventory of physical assets and manage applications and content, as well as maintain devices and data.
SOTI offers proven industrial mobility management solutions that guarantee the management of iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows devices throughout their useful life, from implementation to disposal.


SOTI's MobiControl is a mobility management solution that simplifies the security, management and protection of devices, applications and content, by analyzing and detecting problems remotely, allowing a quick response, reducing downtime and travel or repair costs.
Delimits personal and professional data, ensuring integrity and confidentiality
Global and real-time view of devices, audit, evidence and correction of actions
Inventory management and verification of authorized devices / applications
Issuance of reports that prove that the company is in compliance with the GDPR
The integration of SOTI MobiControl in the mobile fleet allows to improve the operational efficiency, support and control of mobile devices on the ground, through rapid analysis of dynamic graphics.
We are a family owned and operated business.
Fast device setup and deployment and data synchronization
soti mobicontroL is essential to ensure the security and monitoring of mobile devices and applications.

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The SOTI MobiControl allows to solve the problems of mobile devices and IoT remotely, through encryption, avoiding unauthorized access.
Very economical solution, suitable for Portuguese industrial companies.
We are a family owned and operated business.
SOTI has a portfolio of clients from the most varied areas and sectors, all of them with success stories:
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