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Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service

Assured business continuity and disaster recovery

The work scenario has changed a lot. In the day-to-day of companies, countless desktops, laptops, smartphones and other devices are needed and an interruption in the system of any of them can have serious consequences.

In addition to the backup, it is necessary to ensure that the recovery time is as short as possible and that the availability of data is always guaranteed.

Therefore, companies must add disaster recovery & business continuity solutions to their IT infrastructure.

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Datto is the backup, recovery & business continuity solution that allows the company to be immediately operational in the event of total data loss, system crash or disaster.


Protects servers, applications, data, physical and virtual machines, on premise, in the cloud and in SaaS


Ensures double protection: Replication of systems on-premises or in the cloud (from Datto or private)


Instant local / remote virtualization, for quick restart, with just 1 click.

Datto provides SMEs and MSP, who often do not have a budget for more complicated and expensive solutions, a complete hardware and software system, which includes a very low cost appliance and a monthly fee service, with annual contracts, for protection of data on physical and virtual systems


Affordable Pricing and Micro Enterprise Protection

Data protection solution for micro-companies or professional studios. Ready to work and managed by a web console. Retrieve granular data quickly, anywhere and use Datto cloud virtualization to recover servers and activity in minutes. Affordable price, annual commitment, monthly payment.

DATTO Siris 4

Professional Fasquia Product Range

Complete integrated backup and restoration solution, disaster recovery and business continuity, which guarantees the shortest uptime after disaster or crash, immediate recovery with unmatched benefits. An all-in-one platform for MSPs to provide services to their client companies, whatever their size.

Continuous protection of data, applications and machines, on-premises and in the cloud, thanks to automatic replication.

Business continuity ensured, even in the event of a disaster. With instant virtualization the company continues to access the system.

Immediate recovery thanks to instant virtualization of the system on site or in the cloud.

Complete range of solutions to meet the specific requirements of each company.

Datto Saas protection
Complete cloud protection for Microsoft 365 and Gsuite

Protect your business from data loss in the

G Suite and Office 365, including Gmail, Google Drive, Team Drives, Exchange OnLine, OneDrive and Share Point.

Gain peace of mind by avoiding data loss and protecting your customers

Recover after ransomware , quickly restore your customers' user data for a moment before the attack

Secure transfers by easily transferring emails, files or websites from one user to another if employees leave companies

Discover Datto SaaS Protection

Datto's partners manage the equipment and services fleet from a robust portal, with access to support, demos, marketing program, and also:

  • Backup Office 365 and G Suite

  • Cloud Security

  • Compliance with legislation

  • Data ownership

Reduce costs for customers by saving SaaS data in Datto's private cloud.

Solve current data losses by recovering files, emails lost due to user errors, malware or failures in SaaS apps

Datto is a world leader in the development of MSP services.

Download the White Paper here and learn more about the features, functionality and advantages of these solutions.

Business Continuity Assured

Datto guarantees the continuity of your business. Learn more about these solutions, download the White Paper here.

One step closer to GDPR compliance


Datto solutions ensure that data is not lost and that disaster recovery is quick and effective.

Data storage can be done in different geographic locations around the world, including in Europe, in the UK (EMAE) and Frankfurt, Germany datacenters.

Find out more about how Datto helps GDPR compliance.

Download the WhitePaper here.


Datto appliances also provide data encryption as an additional security option, for greater protection of documents and information, complying with the GDPR.

Datto | Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for SME s

Datto  |  Business Continuity e Disaster Recovery para PMEs
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Learn more about Datto solutions

Datto develops specific and suitable solutions for MSPs, which simplify and make disaster recovery & business continuity sustainable for companies.
Contact us here to learn more about this solution.
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