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Webroot Secure Anywhere Business Endpoint Protection, DNS Protection

The constant increase in external threats such as malware, ransomware and phishing requires companies to implement solutions capable of responding to these sophisticated and constantly changing attacks, which traditional antivirus and viruses cannot cope with.

Many antivirus solutions are not only expensive, but they also overload customers' systems, slowing their performance.

It is necessary to have an intelligent and adequate solution such as Webroot, which, being cloud-based, keeps itself updated and detects in real time. Granular administration and centralized management. Economical and tailor made solution for MSPs.

Webroot is a very lightweight agent, (<1MB), which does not overload systems. Remote installation and central management

The good performance and performance of the systems are essential to ensure the quality of the service provided

Webroot collects information from its thousands of users. Uses machine learning to detect Zero Day threats

A solution is needed that analyzes, detects, alerts and stops malware in real time and is always up to date

Remote, multi-site deployment, real-time alerts, quick and remote change of license number and Global Site Manager

Remote management is vital to ensure that all customers' systems are always up to date and functioning

Webroot is a very economical solution, with flexible payment possibilities, tailored to the MSP

MSP customers need financially appropriate solutions that respond to their needs
Want more profitability and improve the services it provides to SMEs s?
Webroot is the # 1 choice for the largest MSPs in the world. Find out why.
Download the White Paper on the benefits of the Next Generation partnership for MSPs here.
How can msp protect their customers' network perimeter?
DNS protection is the most neglected cybersecurity layer. Get to know the Webroot solution in detail.
The 3 best practices that MSP can adopt to protect users
Complete protection is more than a security solution. Know the good practices whose adoption is essential.
To protect your customers you should know what the main cyber threats are and what steps you should take.
Learn how to prepare your customers to defend themselves against the biggest threats to your business

WEBROOT | More profitability and better services for SMEs s

Mais rentabilidade e melhores serviços para as PMEs
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Why does it pay?

Webroot is a very economical solution, with a unique business model for partners and a central management console!
We are a family owned and operated business.
Contact us here to learn more about this solution:
Webroot is an award-winning antivirus, with numerous renowned companies already using its services: 
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