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IT Glue
IT Documentation Solution

Develop your IT support activity with IT Glue, the world's leading software in IT documentation.


AIT Glueit's a cloud platform, that allowsorganize asset documentation(computers, servers, network devices, domains, SSL certificates, etc.) and services your customers use(mail server, backup, management, antivirus, WiFi, etc.) erelate them, creating a kind of 'Wikipedia' thatdocuments everything you need to know about your customer.


IT documentation cloud platform

allows you to document all aspects of the client's network, computer, server, printers, mobile devices, inventory, passwords, domains, SSL certificates, software, deadlines and procedures


Search and correlation of information

very powerful functionalities, through which it is possible  to find all the information you need, when you need it


Centralization of all IT documentation

in one place, with the integration of PSA/RMM platforms, improving the efficiency of technicians and the quality of the assistance provided to the customer


Saves time

all the information in one place, with easy access

Higher quality of service

knowledge sharing, so more people can respond to customers

New technicians quickly operational

they have the information easily available, without the need for another technician explain everything

Frees up technicians' time

who don't need to explain to colleagues how the client's processes/network work

Prevents forgetting

the platform alerts you to domains, licenses, guarantees or anything else that is expiring

greater control

can decide which technicians can view certain information and modify documentation

IT GLUE  |  IT documentation solution

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Integrates the storagepasswords with managed tools, equipment, active domain names and resources.
IT Glue is the ideal solution to simplify the provision of computer support, allowing you to reduce costs and waste of time looking for the information necessary for assistance.
Contact us here to learn more about this solution.
Allowsfind equipment easily and effectively: Keep documentation up to date with a high level of security for your team and customers
Create, import and syncservers, workstations, printers, switches, routers, firewall and build bridges between them.
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