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Backup Appliances
Backup Appliances Recovery Series
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Take backup to the next level
Unitrends Backup Recovery Series appliances combine enterprise backup functionality with ransomware detection and cloud continuity, all on a single platform.
These physical backup appliances are pre-configured, instantly recover from disasters, combine UEB software, storage and server and are very easy to manage. Scalable, all-in-one solution with proactive monitoring and support.
Available in 12 models, with capacities from 2TB to 180TB.

recovery guarantee

Unitrends appliances drastically reduce downtime in the event of a disaster, ransomware attack or another, through the automatic disaster recovery test capability, which allows you to determine the effectiveness of the backup.
Take the recovery test to see the disaster impact report and statistics
Make necessary adjustments based on reports to ensure recovery
Automated tests allow the issuance of reports that attest that the necessary steps have been taken to comply with the GDPR
Learn more about the benefits and features of Unitrends backup appliances.
Don't work too hard. Work smarter to succeed.
See how to protect data more comprehensively and with less effort. We listed the 10 methodologies that must be implemented and that save IT staff literally weeks of work.

Learn more about Unitrends solutions

Unitrends ensures that companies have enterprise-grade backup solutions that not only allow for greater flexibility, but free up IT time.
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Unitrends is the  choice of renowned companies and organizations around the world and has already been distinguished with numerous awards that validate the quality of its solutions:
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