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Malwarebytes OneView 
The OneView endpoint security platform enables MSPs to enhance enterprise cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is a challenge for managed service providers (MSPs). Providing high-quality security services and keeping customer environments free of malware requires a specialized team with access to very effective security tools.

Malwarebytes OneView provides MSPs with a very powerful and affordable security management platform to quickly detect and remediate malware threats. With centralized access to customer sites, OneView makes it easy to manage endpoint security, licensing subscriptions, rollback access, customer reporting, add-ons and much more.


best deseteam commitment

In product automation, an easy-to-use interface allows MSP teams to save time on routine tasks.

Automated Remediation 

Allows you to detect and undo all the modifications produced by malware and put an end to manual efforts to remedy attacks

Greater company growth

Consistent offering of new value-added features in OneView allows expansion of security services 

Flexible Implementation

Integrates with most common deployment tools for faster execution that is transparent to users

Ransomware Risk Minimization 

The rollback ransomware functionality minimizes the impact on the customer so paying ransom is no longer an option.

Cloud Managed

Centralized cloud-based platform provides a single view of all customer sites and endpoints 

Reduction of false alertspositive

Recognized by AVG Effitas and MITER ATT& CK as a cutting-edge EDR platform for minimal false positives

Level 2 Integrations and Support Services

Native integrations with leading RMM, PSA, SOAR SIEM and other IT and security platforms.
Malwarebytes Cybersecurity Solutions for MSPs.
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A complete malware protection and remediation solution that continuously protects devices.
EndPoint Protection
and Response
Endpoint Protection
for Servers
Endpoint Protection 
and Response
for Servers
Endpoint Protection 
and Response
for Servers

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