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Backup and Data Storage with Veeam Ready Solutions from Infortrend
On June 28, 2018, in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Infortrend® Technology, Inc. announced that the ranges of storage solutions EonStor DS and GS have reached the Veeam Ready Repository level, since they have already surpassed the necessary performance requirements, guaranteeing companies even more flexible and effective backup and storage solutions.
Tested with the latest version of Veeam software, EonStor DS meet the requirements for processes such as Full Backup, Full VM Restore, Synthetic Full Backup and Instant VM Recovery. Therefore, companies using Veeam for VMware backups or Hyper-V VMs can now use these certified storage solutions.
The EonStor DS family of products consists of scalable, high-productivity SAN storage systems, with 11,000 MB / s sequential read speed and 5,500 MB / s sequential write speed, which can significantly reduce local backup time window. It is also extremely scalable, with a capacity of up to 450 drives (3.5 '') through high-density expansion bays and available in numerous formats to ensure optimal adaptation to each company.
On the other hand, the EonStor GS range is a line of unified storage systems (NAS + SAN) with high performance and additional cloud gateway functionality that makes remote backup available to the main cloud service providers, such as Amazon S3 , Microsoft Azure, Openstack Swift and Alibaba Cloud.
"We are delighted that the EonStor DS and GS storage ranges are Veeam Ready and that they offer Veeam users efficient and very efficient storage / price options, with expandability, different formats and applications to choose from", said Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend.
For more information on Infortrend EonStor DS and GS as Veeam Ready solutions click here .
About Infortrend
Infortrend has been a specialist in the development and manufacture of business storage solutions since 1993. With a strong focus on own design, testing and design, Infortrend's storage solutions guarantee a performance and scalability that accompanies the latest trends, intuitive data storage, personalized after-sales support and unprecedented value.
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